The drawing tablets are nothing but the graphics tablets allowing the users to make the precision of the drawing on the paper with the greater convenience of using a desktop or laptop computer. If you are an educator, hobbyist or an artist, this kind of the drawing table is very useful for taking your work to the next level. It is somewhat difficult to find the right choice of the drawing tablets for your needs because you have to compare drawing tablets of the various choices based on the different factors such as resolutions, sizes, price points and also styles. The Wacom is definitely the best and top rated brand providing the various choices of the graphics or drawing tablets to the users. The following are some of the Wacom tablets comparison in order to pick a right choice for your requirements and needs.

Art and Photo models of the Wacom Intuos brand:

In the market, you can find the 4 new intuos models of the Wacom tablets such as Intuos art, Intuos Photo, Intuos Draw and Intuos Comic. All of these models of the drawing tablets from the Wacom are really the good tablets for those people who wish to get the affordable tablet for the leading brand. All of these graphic tablets are offering the best amount of the pressure sensitivity and also come with the packaged software which suits a real purpose for they were actually made for. These drawing tablets from the wacom brand are very small enough to carry with your hand but also provide the stylish look. They are available in the two various color options in some of the specialized models. If you are considering the wacom intuos photo vs art, both of these models of the intuos tablets have the similar technical specifications such as,

  • Resolution – 2540 lpi
  • Pressure sensitivity level – 1024 levels
  • They have multi touch gestures to allow everyone to use your fingers to scroll, navigate, and also zoom your artwork.
  • They also allow you to ink, sketch, and also color the frames in an easier manner using the pressure sensitive pen.


For creating very detailed drawings, they are not suitable because they are very small tablets. But you can draw and zoom a simple graphics extraordinarily.