Today, the frequent discuss between the digital artists is which one is the best for digital art creation, the drawing tablet or the graphics tablet. Generally, the major difference between the graphic tablet and drawing tablet is that the drawing tablets have screens that you have draw on while the graphic tablets do not have screen. Before buying any kind of these tablets, you must know the comparison of drawing tablet Vs graphic tablet and select the one, which allows you to work as quicker as possible. If you are new to this, it will be a lot easier for you to begin drawing on a tablet PC. Let you take a look at the benefits of both drawing tablet and graphic tablet given below:

Benefits of graphic tablet

  • Affordable cost
  • Active stylus
  • Healthier choice to use
  • Express keys
  • No parallax
  • Best life span
  • Much comfortable to draw than mouse
  • You would never block your vision with your hand

Drawing tablet PCs

  • Very simpler to draw
  • Good for pixel art
  • See where you draw
  • Quicker to draw than a graphic tablet
  • Can be used only, if you completely can’t afford a graphics tablet